Friday, November 28, 2008

God is the Light

God is the Light
Did you ever wonder what it would be like to be God? Einstein, whose genius unraveled space and time, presented the world with relativity physics that examined the characteristics of matter as they approached the speed of light. But this deeply spiritual man neglected to ask the important question, how does the world appear, if you are the light, which most religions believe to be God.

When you are the light, as outlined in Einsteins' equations above, you have the following characteristics:
  • Your Energy, relative to matter that you are traveling by, is infinite
  • Time, relative to matter that you are traveling by, is zero
  • Your Mass, relative to matter you are traveling by, is infinite
  • Your size, relative to matter you are traveling by, is zero

So the implications are profound. You are all powerful as your mass and energy are infinite and is contained in an infintismal point. You see from beginning to end, in a moment. This coorelates with many of our understandings of God.

The next thing to realize is that all of us are a subset of God. A significant fraction of the energy we all burn in form of calories is light, released by the process of metabolism. The light of God shines in all of us. This light is the carrier of intelligence for every atom in the universe. We "hear" the answers to our prayers through the light, whether from a loved one, a forest, an ocean, or the source of the majority of the light in our tiny solar system, the sun.

The Universe has One Voice.
The Language is not Words.
The Language is Love
Love speaks in the Waves of Vibration,
the Language of Light and
the Language of the Heart.
Love is the Language of the Heart
And the Language of Love is the Light
But Always it is One Voice
The Voice of Our Past Speaking Through Us.
The Voice of Our Future Waiting to Embrace Us
It is One Infinite Voice
One Blood
One Body
One Earth
One PainOne EvilOne Loss,One Fear.
We are Here as One
To Be Love
To Be Light
To Be One
One Voice
We are the Light of the Universe
We are the Soul of Creation
We are the Voice of Love
One Love
One Light
One Voice

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